This page provides a list of 4coder features for anyone trying to determine whether 4coder is the right editor for them. To find a complete list of every default key binding visit binding list . If a feature is missing here you should check out the roadmap page to see what is coming in the future. If the feature you want is on neither, it might be missing from this list, or it might actually be missing from 4coder, you should contact to ask questions and make requests.

§1 Text Editing

§2 C/C++ Editing

§3 Project Organization

§4 The Customization API

These features are included in the alpha builds for supporters at the $5 tier and above.

§5 The Experimental Features

These features are included in the alpha builds for supporters at the $10 tier and above and are generally only partially implemented, hence not being fully upgraded to the standard build.

§6 Transition From Emacs

4coder's current setup and editing paradigm is modeled after emacs, so it is very natural to transition to 4coder from emacs for many users. 4coder customization is quite different from emacs though, so anyone who wants to keep their current keybinds will have to take the time to rewrite the keybinding code. Once the initial transition is done, any user who prefers C++ to Lisp will have a much better time in their 4coder configuration code.

§7 Transition From Vim

For vim users the built-in editing paradigm will not line up with editing habits, but thanks to the open customization model, a vim paradigm and default vim key bindings can be used in 4coder. The vim customization here is an early example of this with many basic vim systems up and running.

Right now 4coder is admittedly not great for vim users, but the transition path exists so keep your eyes on 4coder as better vim emulation is still on the way.