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January 19th 2020
Introduce a split at a given panel


panel_split(Application_Links* app,
            Panel_ID panel_id,
            Dimension split_dim);



the standard custom layer context pointer


the id of the panel to split


the dimension along which the split is placed - x splits split the horizontal axis with a vertical divider - y splits split the vertical axis with a horizontal divider


non-zero on success, when the panel exists and splitting it is possible, zero otherwise


New splits are created as 50/50 proportional splits.
The only limit on splits is the number of views, which is 16. When a leaf panel is split, the view it was associated with is placed in the 'min' child of the split and a panel with a new view is placed in the 'max' child of the split. When an internal panel is split, it's 'min' child adopts the old children and split settings of the panel and the 'max' child gets a panel with a new view.
In either case, a successful split puts a new leaf panel in the 'max' child, puts the old contents of the panel into the 'min' child. The id of the panel that was split becomes the id of the parent of the split. View panel associations are modified by a split.